Sacramento Engineering Consultants

UC Davis International

UC Davis International Center Case Study - The University and the design-build team enjoyed a relationship of trust and mutual respect. All parties were committed to creating a high value, sustainable project with room for further growth. The success of this project - delivered 5 months early - and the satisfaction of the client is a testament to the design-build delivery method.

Siemens and EATL (Eastern Alberta Transmission Line), and WATL (Western Alberta Transmission Line)

Siemens, a multinational enterprise is installing 500 KV HVDC transmission lines in Alberta, Canada. This project is utilizing newly invented technology to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), transmitting the power via high voltage dc cable and converting DC current back to AC current.

Sacramento Engineering Consultants was selected to provide electrical engineering for the converter stations. Of particular interest was the coordination of high Voltage Direct Current German Design into our engineering design.


In 2004 Sacramento Engineering Consultants was approached by Wal-Mart to engineer fire protection plans for a California Store as they had continual difficulties in obtaining fire protection plan permits.

Wal-Mart was very pleased with the service we provided. Since that time we have engineered fire protection plans for over 4500 stores in dozens of states. The services provided to Wal-Mart have expanded to provide site fire sprinkler design and site lighting layouts for store expansions.


Sacramento Engineering Consultants have been working on McDonalds remodel locations in Northern California were we have successfully completed more than 140 locations.

Our objectives to complete these projects are set by goal driven plan with accurate timeline and milestones. Speedy, accurate and cost effective engineering for these locations lead to over 300 additional locations in 2008. Our tasks includes HVAC, plumbing and Electrical engineering services.

Siemens and Worley Parsons

Siemens and Worley Parsons, both multinational enterprises are installing a Trans Bay Cable from Pittsburg to San Francisco. This 58 mile cable project is utilizing newly invented technology to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), transmitting the power via under-bay cable and converting DC current back to AC current.

Sacramento Engineering Consultants was selected to provide mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire detection and suppression for the 20,000 square foot buildings on either side of the bay. Of particular interest was the utilization of European technology for convection fan coils which are not used in the United States yet.

Also challenging was coordination High Voltage Direct Current German Design into our engineering design.


We were first approached to engineer a Pacific Bell project in 1990. Since that time we have continued to engineer for the same entity as the name changed to SBC and then to AT&T. Since 1990 we have engineered hundreds of projects for AT&T. We have successfully engineered chiller replacements, HVAC unit upgrades, electrical service upgrades, short circuit analyses, fire alarm system upgrades, and fire sprinkler system upgrades. Projects have extended from Los Angeles to the Oregon Border, from San Francisco to Truckee. We have truly covered the entire state for AT&T.

Although the architectural firm that had the open-ended contract with AT&T lost the contract, we continue to engineer projects with the newly selected architectural firm.

Globe Mill

The historic Globe Mill building was built in 1914 and functioned a flour mill until 1965. Since then fires, vandalism and a city order to demolish ensued. A visionary developer and architect saw the potential of the building as affordable senior housing, rental lofts and mixed use occupancy. Sacramento Engineering Consultants was selected for the mammoth rehabilitation project. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, fire alarm and fire sprinkler engineering were all performed on the project.

Maintaining the original structure yet retrofitting new mechanical, electrical and fire protection state of the art systems was a challenge. Coordinating with the owner, architect, city officials, and contractors resulted in a beautiful, functional, energy efficient six story complex which revitalized the Alkali Flats area of Sacramento.

Federal Project - Photovoltaic Carports

This project was for a carport mounted grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems in Yuma, Arizona. The parking areas to be covered by the two new carports include Area No. 1 of approximately 9,500 square feet (50'x190'), and Area No. 2 of approximately 6,250 square feet (50'x125'). The contractor shall provide steel T-Frame (double cantilever or T-cantilever) carport shade structures featuring full cantilevered roof coverage extending in two directions with limiting support post interference. Power provided shall be 480V three phase compatible with the existing onsite distribution system.

CALFIRE Southern Operations Project

March South Operations Facility for State of California. Sacramento Engineering Consultants designed the heating ventilating and air conditioning, and plumbing systems. We functioned as the LEED Accredited Profession for the 90,000 square foot facility. Working with the State of California project managers and CalFire we satisfied successfully. Very energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems were engineered to qualify the buildings for LEED Silver accreditation.